Dunton Bassett Primary School


At  Dunton Bassett we have read all of the guidance documentation from the government and kept up to date with all advice with regard to COVID-19.

During these unprecedented times, the curriculum will continue to be adjusted to meet the needs of your child. There continues to be a strong focus on children’s social skills and their emotional and mental health. The staff will do all they can to make children feel safe and settled in school.


We are looking forward to greeting all children back to school on March 8th and we have updated our guidance and risk assessments accordingly.


Information about how we have planned to spend the COVID Catch Up Funding is provided at the bottom of this page.



  • At Dunton Bassett we have three class bubbles: Ladybirds, Bumblebees and Dragonflies

  • These bubbles will  be kept separate during lesson times. At break and lunchtimes, Bumblebees and Dragonflies form a wider bubble ('dome') 

  • There will be no whole school gatherings such as collective worship. Collective worship will take place in class bubbles.

  • School dinners are offered through our caterers. These lunches need to be ordered as usual through Parent Pay or children are of course, welcome to bring a packed lunch. Please ensure lunchboxes are regularly wiped as they will be going back and forth between home and school. All lunches to be eaten in the Village Hall; staggered times for bubbles.

  • Children must only bring their coat, warm weather clothes, water bottle, reading packet and lunchbox if having a packed lunch from home. No other items from home will be permitted.

  • Increased cleaning will be in place throughout the day.

  • Each bubble will have a separate space to use outside for break times and lunchtimes. Timings will be staggered to enable this. Play equipment will not be shared between bubbles. 


Start/Finish Times and access to site

Please adhere to social distancing  on the playground and try to time your pickups to avoid having to wait around and to ensure large groups do not gather for long periods of time. 

  • Only one parent or carer should drop off or collect the children.

  • Parents/carers will not be able to go into classrooms. However, staff will be there to welcome your child into school and for you to talk to about your child. There will be staff in place inside the classroom to help the children to settle.

  • Parents/carers will not be able to come into the school office. Communication should continue to be by phone or email.

  • There will be an extended drop off time between 8.40 and 8.55 am.

    • Ladybirds enter school via the metal gate.

    • Bumblebees and Dragonflies enter school via the wooden gate.

  • Pick up will be 3:15pm for:

    • Ladybirds via the ‘pencil’ gate.

  • Pick up will be 3:15pm for:

    • Bumblebees and Dragonflies via the wooden gate.

  • If pupils normally walk to/from school unattended then this continues to be acceptable. Please ensure we know which children have permission to do this and that your child is aware of the need to socially distance themselves from others.


Uniform and PE

The expectation is that pupils will wear school uniform (some concessions have been made). On days when your child has PE they should come to school in their PE kit and wear it for the full day. Pupils will not get changed at school and should not bring a PE bag to school. All PE lessons will be taking place outside where possible, so the children will need to be dressed appropriately. Teachers will send out details of when PE will be during this first week.