Dunton Bassett Primary School

Uniform Information

At Dunton Bassett Primary School we believe that a school uniform is important because it:

  • identifies the children with the school;

  • promotes a sense of pride in the school;

  • engenders a feeling of community and belonging;

  • enables children to feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;

  • is practical and smart and not distracting in class;

  • is regarded as suitable, and good value for money;

  • has been designed with health and safety in mind.


Please refer to our Uniform Policy for more details.


All 'branded' uniform is available via these suppliers:

* Sports Supplies, 25 Church St, Lutterworth LE17 4AE Phone: 01455 550938

Sports Supplies

* Your School Uniform

Your School Uniform


Cheap red, grey/black and white uniform items are often readily available at supermarkets and other large clothing outlets that comply with our uniform list. Our PTA also runs a second-hand uniform shop every Friday in the playground. Please contact the office for any second-hand uniform requests at any other time.


Our school uniform comprises:

  • Red cardigan or sweatshirt with school logo (or plain red with no logos)

  • Plain white shirt or white/red polo shirt

  • Grey or black trousers/ plain leggings 

  • Grey or black skirt

  • Grey or black pinafore dress

  • Waterproof outdoor coat

  • Sensible flat or low-heeled plain black shoes, boots or trainers (no open-toed sandals, high-heeled boots or shoes). Shoes/trainers need to be waterproof.


Variations for summer wear are: 

  • Grey or black shorts

  • Red/white checked dress


PE Kit

For health and safety reasons, it is essential that children are dressed appropriately for any physical activity. Our PE kit is:


  • Plain red or white T-Shirt or school logo top

  • Plain black shorts

  • Plimsolls for playground games/ hall use.

  • Waterproof trainers for outdoor games on the field

  • In Winter: Plain grey/black tracksuit or sweatshirt/leggings



Children who go swimming need a towel and swimming trunks or one-piece costume (no bikinis), carried in a waterproof bag. All children require a swimming hat.



For safety reasons, children are not permitted to wear jewellery in school except stud ear rings, and jewellery worn for religious or medical reasons and/or a sensible watch.  


All jewellery should be removed for PE.  Earrings should be small studs ones which children can easily remove themselves. Adults are not allowed to help.


If a child needs to wear a piece of jewellery for medical or religious reasons that cannot be removed it must be covered up by the child, using their own plasters, during physical activity.


Extra-curricular activities/clubs

For some extra-curricular activities special kit such as shin-pads/football boots may be required.


Representing the school in sporting activities

All children in KS2 will be expected to wear school PE kit when representing the school in matches/tournaments etc.


Parents should label all items of clothing clearly with their child’s name.